Ergebnisse Sommersemester 2021

Digital Production

264.140 VU 2.0h 2.5 ECTS

During Summer Semester 2021 the participants of Digital Production have been engaged in the computational design and digital fabrication of a series of Synthetic Terrain Tiles.

By studying the logic of a series of algorithms utilized in the videogame industry and by undestanding the basics of g-code, students learnt how to embed their design intentions into generative models and how to iteratevely adapt their computational models to real material and production constraints.

A custom-made tool for the translation of geometry into machine instructions provided the framework to set up a direct design-to-fabrication pipeline for the CNC milling of small-scale imaginary landscapes. 


Michael Anderson

Lucija Dobrovic

Adriana García García

Agnes Henzinger

Agi Hidri

Julian Klusacek

Julia Kolm

Emil Kranewitter

Anna Lalouschek

Ruben Mahler

Vera Neulinger

Galatea Realacci

Karim Rezk

Kiumars Sharifmoghaddam

Saviz Sonnleitner

Alexis Viallet

Ivana Vukelic

Clemens Zandanel

Fabrication Assistant:

Ruben Mahler


Marco Palma