Diplomarbeiten 2017

264.076 PV

"Follow the tide"
von Ewelina Weronika Pawlik
Physical model as a canvas for Augmented Reality - explaining complex choreography of design strategy


Follow the tide. The tangible potential of mud ats area.

The Master Thesis draws attention to mud ats areas which due to the increasing population are transformed for expanding cities. The problem of reclamation of these areas is not negative itself, but the scale of habitat’s destruction it brings is large enough to stop this process immediately. It touches directly Asia, expecting currently to have around 2 billions people more. The reclamation of mud ats is one of the operations in preparing the countries for next, bigger generations.

That’s why, the chosen area is located in Chinese province, which as a conglomeration of hundreds of shing villages has a huge impact on world aquaculture. The place became well known because of its environmental beauty and old traditional Chinese lifestyle, thus ourishing as a hot spot for world wide photographers. First studies of chosen location made me aware of many problems shing villages are facing, which turned out to be also a part of #global issues. Suddenly the beauty of this place, juxtaposed to harshness of daily life, overwhelms and reveals how idealized landscape is being sold rather than the reality of this place. Struggling with the subjects as #wetlands #reclamation #climate change # shing village and #migration the thesis began to focus on the potential of mud at area, which used to be the daily workspace for all locals. Those areas, most photographed places throughout Xiapu County, being documented can contribute to spreading ideas and making people more aware of certain issues. All existing photographic spots, considered as channels, could be turned into communication platform, and by using geotags via social media, Xiapu landscape might interlock with design proposal manifesting the value of wetlands.

The project’s main mission is to emphasize the importance of the shing villages not only because of the threaten of its ecological security but also because of the authenticity and history of the area. Using the potential of tidal area as well as a potential of shing farm, the research phase works out the way of implementing new functions and developing the relationship between inhabitants and visitors, which might cause the quality improvement of locals’ life. The activation strategy of this mud ats might be possible desirable through transformation of the #sea walk experience.
Besides, the Master Thesis investigates also ways of perceiving di erently places like Xiapu County, not only as a beautiful landscape worth to see but also as a workplace and environment open for innovative spaces rousing interesting emotional and esthetic experience.